Oral Health / Dental

Your oral health is critical to overall health. 

How often do we take for granted that our mouth holds an abundance of germs.  Ensuring that our teeth and gums are well taken care of are a critical contribute to an overall healthy body.

In reality, an abscess, toothache or other pain is an indicator of compromise to the natural state of our body, and often requires intervention.  Our provider network, supports basic preventive and emergent care for RWA eligible clients.

The purpose of Oral Health Services is to provide access to routine and emergency dental care for eligible persons living with HIV/AIDS. Through the provision of periodic preventive and educational services, Oral Health Services aims to reduce the incidence of more serious dental and periodontal conditions. Through the provision of these services, the goal of Oral Health Services is to maintain and improve the oral health of clients and to increase their ability to sustain proper nutrition.

Consider one of the providers in our network, that can professionally serve your oral health needs.  Many have very limited or no waiting lists, so be sure to contact them for an timely appointment.

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