Outpatient / Ambulatory Health Services

Consistent Access to Medical Care is Critical to Strong Health Outcomes

Outpatient / Ambulatory Health Services should be offered along with medical case management, and provide professional diagnostic and therapeutic services given by a physician, physician’s assistant, clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner or other health care professional in an outpatient setting. Settings include clinics, medical offices, and mobile vans where clients generally do not stay overnight. Emergency room services are not considered outpatient settings.  Services in the Oakland TGA are HIV-focused, and primarily include diagnostic testing, including laboratory testing; behavioral risk assessment, with counseling and referral as indicated; preventive care and screening for opportunistic infections, tuberculosis (TB), sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and hepatitis C; physical examination; medical history taking; prescription and management of medication therapy; pediatric developmental assessment; education and counseling on health and prevention issues; and referral to and provision of specialty care related to HIV diagnosis (includes all medical subspecialties).

Funded Provider Roster