Health Education & Risk Reduction

Educate Yourself on Sustainable Health & Reducing Transmission Risk

Health Education / Risk Reduction provides services that educate clients with HIV about HIV transmission and how to
reduce the risk of HIV transmission. It includes providing information, including information about medical and psychosocial support services and counseling to help clients with HIV improve their health status.

Whether you are socially active or have settled down in a long term partner relationship, getting the right information and practicing safe behaviors can help you navigate the disease and reduce transmission risk.

 Modern medicine has coma a long way, and an HIV diagnosis has become a manageable disease with an appropriate care plan and long term risk reduction methods.  Consider accessing some of the Health Education classes, to learn more about how HIV impacts the physical body while also learning its impact from a social and community standpoint.  

Learn how you are able to make responsible health decisions, including disclosure, privacy rights and emotional wellness.  Our network of providers offer a variety of classes and workshops that will help you toward long term sustainable health.    

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